Jyotish Guru

Dharma Links and (BTMC) are proud to announce that we have launched a new 3-year program, Jyotish Guru, on to Astrology, Meditation, and Buddhist Ritualistic Practice. This course is designed for all the keen enthusiasts willing to learn Astrology, Yoga, and Buddhist Rituals. We welcome keen spiritual teachers, lay followers, and students to enroll for this upcoming program.

This course is designed especially for the social entrepreneurs willing to work for the benefit of others through healing methods, and also for the spiritual leaders who indirectly work on healing others. 

Given below are the facilities that will inclusive when enrolled in this 3-year course of 'Jyotish Guru':

1. Every year a yearly Calender on Karchi-Nagchi system and a notebook will be provided.

2. We will provide the materials required to make birth horoscopes so you can easily make them.

3. We will provide the materials required to make Marriage horoscopes so you can easily make predictions and do a reading on marriage astrology.

4. You will learn about the rituals for performing a marriage ceremony, selecting an appropriate spouse. We will provide guidelines and important materials for performing marriage rituals.

5. Proper guidance on finding an auspicious date, day or month for inaugurating a house, laying foundations for a house, finding an auspicious time for marriage, an auspicious time for commencing a new business, hiring a new employee, purchase of vehicles or factory equipment and so on.

6. Materials required to prepare business horoscope.

7. Astrological Table on finding the result of the planetary predicaments.

8. Basic Vastu reading guidelines.

9. Vehicle Astrology reading guidelines (Astrological reading on purchasing new vehicles).

10. Astrological Calendar of 121 years (1981- 2100).

11. Facility to convert the dates from the Manjusri Calendar, Tibetan Calendar, Vikram Samvat Calendar, Gregorian Calendar, or the Tamang Calender.

12. A Digital library will be shared with the members. In the digital library, you can find audio, visual, e-books, and necessary resources. Where you can find

a. Books on Karchi- Nagchi

b. Books of language and grammar
c. Books on offerings and rituals
d. Book on removing hurdles on planetary predicaments (Chyabuthui)
e. Books that you will need for recitation during marriage or Coming of
Age ceremonies, and also books that you should recite on Lhabab Duichhen, Buddha Jayanti, or  any other special occasions. 

f. Many other relevant books
g. Audio teachings on the Dasa Vidhyas, mantras, tantra, meditation, yoga-related educational video resources.

13. 1.5 hr class visual resource on Jyotish Guru as per requirement totaling to a sum of 36 videos in 3 years will be provided.

14. Sutras and mantras that are to be chanted for Healing, Chyabuthui, for soothing Planetary maliciousness, Marriage ceremonies, coming of age will be provided.

15. Special pictorial dictionary will also be provided.

16. Books of Mantras, sutras, prayers, religious manuscripts, invocation and recitation methods of Tutulary deity and Guardian deity will be provided.

17. Online resources and material related to Jyotish Guru for the members will be provided.

18. Daily Loh prediction, monthly Loh Prediction and information on Loh combination will be provided daily.

19. Information and news related to meetings, conferences, seminars under The Global Buddhist event and programs that are organized worldwide will be regularly updated.

20. Our E-card store related to birthdays, marriages, will be made accessible.

21. We will provide you with testimonials will the astrologer’s community can access. Other gurus will also be able to view and comment on your Testimonials.

22. Online chat rooms will be made accessible where you can talk to other Jyotish Guru members and discuss your problems.

23. FAQ is also made available that you can access for general queries.

24. Yearly calendar and planner related to the Jyotish Guru with Buddhist Events and dates authorised by Buddhist Sangha is provided.

25. Photo gallery of the regular events and activities will be uploaded on a regular basis.

26. Full access to the website will give you authority to log in/out, change the Theme, Self Rating, like buttons and also commenting will be made possible.

27. E-card store where you can get access to

a. Buddhas Speech/ Amrit Vani

b. Congratulation cards
c. Cards on Buddhist Festivals
d. Cards on National festivals
e. Cards on other religion, esp Hinduism

28. You will be able to download the following

a. Daily Calendar

b. Books and other relevant tools

29. Audio/ Video store will also be available for download

30. With the help of several links you can access

a. Dharma Television      

b. Dharma Links    
c. BTMC 
d. Other relevant links

31. You can be updated, add in new members, send membership forms and get access to a lot of other links

32. Information will be accessible through the app, messenger, WhatsApp or via email.

33. We will provide you a valid and authorized certificate on Jyotish Guru, by the end of the course.

(Note: This certificate will be Non-academic and will be an Advanced level certificate.)

34. You will also be able to access and link your personal blog where you can write about your lessons, in your preferred script, English, Nepali, Tamang, or Tibetan script.

35. You can also buy necessary materials from the Dharma Productions and Astrological store at a discounted price.

36. Dharma Links has been providing astrological material and ritual materials at a discounted rate and you can also register in becoming a authorized person of the Dharma Production and Astro-Shop.

37. Instead of buying Apps related to Astrology, you can be a member of The World Class Premium Online App and use the benefit of creating Birth horoscopes, marriage horoscopes and generate a living out of it.

38. After the completion of the 3-year course, you can further join Dharma Links and provide Paid services with us in positions as follows;

a. Assistant Astro - Trainers

b. Assistant service

c. Assistant service manager of DPAS

d. Branch manager of DPAS

39. We will try to find out sponsors for Losum- Dasum  3-year retreat programs for  Lama Gurus (Spiritual Teachers)



Dear all I found BASC as a Nepal's top ranging Buddhist astrological center for astro services. I am benefited with its various services among them 'Amulet'-Srungwa is that which I found very very useful for me.


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