Buddhist teaching and Meditation Center  offers Buddhist meditation courses and practices based on  Theravada, Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhist traditions.

Some of the popular meditation and practice courses are as follows:

-        Samatha Meditation

-        Vipashana meditation

-        Kyabdro training (taking refuge)

-        Semke training(arising Bodhi chitta mind)

-        Yiggya training(purification practice of body, speech and mind)

-        Mandala offering practice (a practice of accumulating virtuous deeds)

-        Lamae Naljyor training (the ultimate method for arousing the wisdom of realization)

-        Fowa practice (transference of mind into Pureland)

-        Mani chanting and practice (practice of compassion and its deity Bodhi Satwa Arya Lokeswara )

-        Vajra guru chanting and practice (Practice of quality and accomplishment based on Guru Padma Samvawa a Lotus Born Buddha)

-        Tara chanting and Droltsog practices

-        Amitava Buddha Chanting and practices

-        Shakyamuni Buddha practice

-        108 Buddha practices

-        Long Life Buddha practices

-        Medicine Buddha practices

-        Five Zhambala practices

-        Tri-Mula Vajrayana practices

-        Other ritual and meditation practices based on Mahayana and Vajrayana principle.


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