What & why dharma product
What & Why Dharma production?

The Dharma products that are available here at BASC/ BTMC cannot be found almost anywhere. Products that have been demonstrated are some the very important stuff related with Buddhist astrology and Feng-Shui. For the last few years, people seemed to be suffering the lack of such astrological stuff.

Almost none of the centres have been seen to be established across the country, which can facilitate people with astrological services and it's important objects; also, may be there are very few centres in the planet which can serve people with Astro- therapy with full facilities into one place like BASC. 
BASC is a non-profitable centre, established with the objective of serving the followers with Astro-science and various healing methods, where the founder Ven. Khenpo Sonam Gyurme la believes with his long term experiences that, the centre will be able to solve the following problems:
*health related problems such as general pains to major psychological problems.
* Particular field problems such as general to major problems in politics, business, company, industry, work (Govt. or Non Govt. services), study, farming, tourism, construction, planting, social service and all other initiative works.
* General to major problems in particular initiation such as career development,     choosing life partners, work partners, forming relation, choosing favourable field of work etc.
* Favourable and unfavourable indication in matters such as suitable and unsuitable time, day, month, year, direction, colour, shapes (houses and building), numbers, people, dishes, weather, area, climate, country, competition and so on.
* BASC/BTMC not only provides the information regarding formerly mentioned subjects in detailed written or verbal form but also solves your problems with various ways of Astrology, Feng-Shui, Tantra, Philosophy and special methods of healing.
The centre does not charge any fees from the followers and patients for checking services but accepts the grants they offer and the received grants will be used by Ven. Khenpo Sonam, to amplify the services of BASC and BTMC.
 BASC has aims to serve people with all objects related with astrology, Feng-Shui, Tantra and healing for their convenience but for the moment, we have quiet limited services as follow:
1. Types of amulets (Srung-Wa)
Process and methods to wear Amulets are:
A: Choose favourable Month and day, 
B: favourable time,  
C: favourable direction,
D: favourable process and purifying amulet and self,
E: chanting the related mantras and prayers with mantra of your personal deity-Buddha,    
2. Treasure Vase (Yang-Bum of Lama Nor-Lha)

Process and method to establish or manage the Treasure Vase at home, shop, industry and your desired places are:


Dear all I found BASC as a Nepal's top ranging Buddhist astrological center for astro services. I am benefited with its various services among them 'Amulet'-Srungwa is that which I found very very useful for me.


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