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 Buddhist teaching and Meditation Center  offers Buddhist meditation  and practice courses based on  Theravada, Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhist traditions.  To run following meditation and practices our Venerable Master Khen Rinpoche Sonam Gyurme and some renown master of Theravada, Mahayana and Vajrayana tradition from around the world will guide and lead to final stage of course. Some of the popular meditation and practice courses are as follows:

                         Theravada and Mahayana tradition:

-        Samatha Meditation

-        Vipashana meditation

Vajrayana tradition

-        Kyabdro practice (taking refuge)

-        Semke practice (arising Bodhi chitta mind)

-        Yiggya practice (purification practice of body, speech and mind)

-        Mandala offering practice (a practice of accumulating virtuous deeds)

-        Lamae Naljyor practice (The ultimate method for arousing the wisdom of realization)

-        Fowa practice (Transference of mind into Pureland)

Vajrayana tradition

-        Mani chanting and practice (Practice of compassion and its deity Bodhi Satwa Arya Lokeswara )

-        Vajra guru chanting and practice (Practice of quality and accomplishment based on Guru Padma Samvawa a Lotus Born Buddha)

-        Tara chanting and Droltsog practices

-        Amitava Buddha Chanting and practices

-        Shakyamuni Buddha practice

-        108 Buddha practices

-        Long Life Buddha practice

-        Medicine Buddha practice

-        Five Zhambala practices

-        Tri-Mula Vajrayana practices

-        Other ritual and meditation practices based on Mahayana and Vajrayana principle.


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