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Q. What is Astrology ?
The divine science of Astrology is a practical way of living in peace,prosperity and harmony. 
The main source of astro science are Tantra and Sutra where Tantra was taught by Buddha and Sutra was taught by Maha manjushree. 
Hence Source of Buddhist Astronomy are 'rKar-rChi' (Kalachakra of Buddha) and 'Nag-rChi'(Of Maha manjushree)
Q What is 'rKar-Chi' and 'Nag-rChi' ?
 'rKar-Chi' is a practical study of universal phases. It is a profound sudy on depicting the motion of celestial bodies 
including Earth and remaining 7 planets, stars and also the consequential weathwe variaion. 
Through rKar-Chi people overcome fault in their stars, health and depression.
'Nag-rchi' is the science of existence; anoble skill of medical science and methodof physical and psychological healing. 
It explains the creation and existence of Samsara and how they prevail by the summon of five elements. 
Q Does astrology has impacts on our lives?
Buddhist astrology has its broad of area to support and guide people to their day to day life.
It is helpful to any areas of work such as business, industry, career,relation, 
tour and all initiative works in the life.


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