RDCCK (A practical school)


A Proposal


Rigzin Dechhen Chhyoeling Chuglag Khang (RDCCK)

 1.     Introduction

RDCCK is a planned practical based school that will be responsible for teaching and training Buddhism, Buddhist Arts, traditional Lama Dance, worshipping and rituals, yoga and retreat, meditation, thanka and statue and other types of traditional treatments and incantations. With the aim to provide free Buddhist monastic education along with training and accommodation facilities,RDCCK also aspires  to make the learners capable and skilled with the knowledge and teachings which they will achieve here.Trainers will be awarded with valuable certificates after finishing their course.


Main objective of this school is to produce qualified and trained students of Buddhist arts, philosophy, meditation, rituals and culture etc.


School will have various curriculumswith following five major departments:

1.Arts Department,  2.Philosophy Department,   3.Ritual Department,  4.Meditation and Yoga Department and 5.Cultural  Department


1.      Arts Department will deal as wholesome of arts education like crafting various statues of Buddha and Buddhist Deities, Thankas, Tormas (statues of butter and mixed flour), Treasure Vase, Land Treasure Vase, Medicine Vase, Long Life Vase and all types of Amulets. Students will also learn decorative trainings for Buddhist cultural ceremonies like weddings, birth and funerals etc. all under Arts Department.


2.      Philosophy Department will conduct for entire Buddhist studies such as Language & Grammar, Literature, Philosophy, History, Astrology, Applied Buddhism, Comparative Buddhism& Religion, Sutra-Vinaya- Avidharma, Therabada, Mahayana and Vajrayana study.


3.      Ritual Department will organize the theoretical and practical trainings based on all types of Buddhist rituals and ceremonies.It will mainly focus on rituals based trainings of three tantras and three yogas of Buddhism which will helppractitioners to understand and practice the Vajrayana Buddhism for enlightenment and harmonious living of all.

Buddhist ritual trainings of naming, wedding and death ceremonies will also be conducted along with excellent guide. Learners will be able to perform prayers and ritual on various Buddhist ceremonies such as Buddha Jayanti, Dharma Chakra Day,LhabhabDhuchen(Descending from Heaven), New year (Lochhar) eve. and other  Buddhist ceremonies.


Students will be taught about various historical events including how ancient instruments were played. Together, they will be qualified in vocal chanting and playing ritual instruments creating energeticsoundin the environment for healings.


4.      Meditation and Yoga Department will deal with all the types of meditations and Buddhist Yoga classes and courses.  This department will handle Samatha and Vipasanaalong with all types of Mahayana and Vajrayana meditation and practices.


Department will focus to train about five preliminary practices, phowa, chalung and other Zogchhen's practices especially for monks, nuns and all lay practitioners.


This department will also train senior monks and nuns about physical, verbal and psychological healing basis treatment system.


5.      Cultural Department will be responsible for spreading awareness about Buddhist Culture and indigenous Buddhist traditions.

Various Buddhist cultures like lama dances, playing instruments, using robes, and other Buddhist rituals will also be trained under cultural department.


This department will promote the ancient Buddhist culture and especially Himalaya Buddhist culture, it will inspire students for research base study for the development of Buddhist culture.

There is plan to build up hostel, class rooms, assambly hall, stupa and library etc.
RDCCK is trying to build up one of the main buildings for teachings, library and official proposes but due to lack of supports it is remained in under process of first face of construction. We hearty welcome all supports who want to support the RDCCK in any form of supports.
If any one wants to support monastic school and other expenses can contact us in follwoing contacts

Email: rdcck@btmc.org.np
Mobile: +977-9840413934


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