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Thansing is a pleasing village in Nuwakot district in the Bagmati zone of central Nepal. It is a place with more than 5951 population who believes in peace and pursuit of happiness. It is a touristic place with aesthetic Himalayas and greeneries.   



To enhance the beauty of Thansing even more BTMC, a non-profit organization is working in the project to build a Tri-Yana Bodhi Meditation Center. It is based on Buddhist teachings and meditation. This foundation is a non-violent organization and works for the human virtue and inner peace. It aims to promote the Buddhist practitioners. The BTMC's project will be named as Tri-Yana Bodhi Meditation Center and it will be running  all kind of meditation courses based on Theravada, Mahayana and Vajrayana traditions.



3.    FOUNDER:

Venerable Khen Rinpoche Sonam Gyurme Tamang is the founder of this meditation Center. Venerable  has been working as a dharma practice guide with other meditation masters of various traditions from different countries . Venerable dreams to have a peaceful world where human beings can enjoy perfect peace and happiness of life. Regarding this, it is a small step to gather people and show them the path for the enlightenment. Venerable wants to start a Global retreat village from here where people from all around the globe can visit here and learn the teachings and meditation practices of Buddhism.   




i.                Its main objective is to conserve the grip of Lord Budhha and escort them to stroll in the way of Lord Buddha.

ii.              It aims to bring peaceful mind, positive vibes and religious fanaticism in people.

iii.            Its main target is to make a Global Retreat village where anyone can learn any practices according to Buddhist principles.



It is a Buddhist teaching and Meditation Center where all level of Buddhist meditation courses and practices are guided according to Theravada, Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhist traditions.

Some of the favorable Courses and Practices are as follows: And Meditation Training Courses:

-        Samatha Meditation

-        Vipashana meditation

-        Kyabdro training (taking refuge)

-        Semke training(arising Bodhi chitta mind)

-        Yiggya training(purification practice of body, speech and mind)

-        Mandala offering practice (a practice of accumulating virtuous deeds)

-        Lamae Naljyor training (the ultimate method for arousing the wisdom of realization)

-        Fowa practice (transference of mind into Pureland)

-        Mani chanting and practice (practice of compassion and its deity Bodhi Satwa Arya Lokeswara )

-        Vajra guru chanting and practice (Practice of quality and accomplishment based on Guru Padma Samvawa a Lotus Born Buddha)

-        Tara chanting and Droltsog practices

-        Amitava Buddha Chanting and practices

-        Shakyamuni Buddha practice

-        108 Buddha practices

-        Long Life Buddha practices

-        Medicine Buddha practices

-        Five Zhambala practices

-        Tri-Mula Vajrayana practices

-        Other ritual and meditation practices based on Mahayana and Vajrayana principle.


Course Fees:

Your Support is very important for us to make teaching better, regular, wide and continue. We want this Buddhist learning and meditation services to make sustainable impact around the world. So Fees categories are according to wishes of support of practitioners.

This class room contains:

-        Live teachings

-        Wide board for students to write and draw

-        Live chat box to communicate with teachers

-        Screen sharing or projection on screen are available to make students understand teachings in easy way

-        Others


Course Highlights:

-        Communicate in Tibetan, English, Nepali or Hindi languages in classroom as per language.

-        Course materials are available in Tibetan and other languages and we will try our best to provide or suggest for audio and video teachings.

Within our courses you will get as following:

-        Hands out of related subjects

-        Audio/video tutorial

-         Course Certificate


Language of Instruction:

Any one language from Tibetan, English, Nepali or Hindi


Types of Classroom:

  Regular Class and Virtuous classroom are available for teaching and visualizing classes.



Only registered students and family, schools or colleges can attain the classes and some important  teaching activities are recorded in HD video format and also can provide to students for improvement of their studies. Remember, students attendance tool is used for their presence or absence and will keep in safe.


Main objective of offering course:

Making people enlightened about samsara and ultimate nature of being and existence through offering Buddha's essential teachings of Sutras and Tantras especially guiding the meditation for peace, happiness and enlightenment.

 In addition, course also can make individuals a real follower and practitioner of righteous path of peace, happiness, prosperity and train them to enjoy the life with global family within harmonious environments.

Why this course should be taken by individuals, Family, Schools and colleges?

-        Course is more important to everyone for their personal or other's peace, happiness and enlightenment and courses are designed according to the needs of individuals, family, schools or colleges.





BTMC has planned for the advanced teaching style and it will be granting qualitative teachings and practices.

i.                There will be digital classes with latest technologies and graphics.

ii.              There will be excessive trained academic staffs and volunteers to guide and support you.

iii.            Big halls and spaces will be provided for the meditation practice.

iv.            Harmonious environment will be created to make you feel tranquil from any kind of disturbances.

v.              All-important Buddhist text and books will be provided.

vi.            Education and practical courses are on donation based.



i.                There is availability of Guest house where one can have comfortable rooms with nutritious and healthy food.

ii.              If any kind of problem bothers you, our volunteers and staff members will always be ready to help you out.

iii.            There is good environment for parking and all the banking facilities.

iv.            Practice and meditation with subject lesson and teachings is also available.



i.                Practitioners can learn many teachings of Lord Buddha.

ii.              Practitioners will get a certificate of meditation course.

iii.            Practitioners will achieve peaceful mind and happiness .


9.    CONTACT:

You can visit our website for your queries.

You can also contact on +977-9885117100 for more information and services.

If you want to book the course with accommodation and other facilities then you can visit the following website or also can contact on +977-9885117100.

 Under construction Tri-Yana Bodhi Meditation Center






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