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I want to heartily welcome you to Buddhist Teaching and Meditation Center. BTMC has been serving people with Buddhist studies, practices and rituals etc. since the last around 15 years. The main important factor of BTMC is to serve students, practitioners and devotees with Long and Short term training courses, teachings, meditation, ritual ceremony and important dharma talks.


BTMC also has been serving people through tantric practices for those who are physically or psychologically affected by different negative energies and obstacles. In addition, BTMC offers various class and courses for individual and organizations through online as a distance teaching programs.


This online teaching on broad subjects with combo plans included teaching with audio, live video, text, picture, wide board, pdf format text books and course books as well as online test facilities for Academic or Non-Academic course are our special plan to offer our worldwide students and organizations.


International tourists and devotees are welcomed to experience holy, peaceful and friendly environment at BTMC and can rejoice all facilities of lodging, food and opportunity to study at world famous, holy place called Swayambhu which is center for all.


According to request and need BTMC is also serving with the ancient technic and methods of Buddhist astro-science and medical system those conjugal who are struggling for having baby and not success to have son or daughter according to wishes. Another most important services provided by BTMC for community is birth ceremony, marriage or funeral ritual ceremony and all ritual and spiritual ceremony with perfect guidance. It has also stepped forward for social services and relief distribution during natural disaster and need.


BTMC is now growing every year with its sister organization and is making broad its area of services.

As a result of 15 years hard working and dedication now it is planning to start Dharma Television (before we named Mahabodhi Television but due to few reason we changed it as Dharma Television) which may come on broadcasting  through IP worldwide in Nepali and English languages from the end of this year 2019.


Another sister organization called Rigzin Dechhen Chhoeling Chuglag Khang (RDCCK) a practical school of Buddhist studies and practices is being operated by BTMC since the last 4 years. now it has 40 students and 4 staffs and it offers lower secondary courses (Class V - VIII). Since its aim is to offer practical courses, during the five years students will learn meditation, healing, ritual activities, traditional lama dance, traditional treatment system, astrology, yoga, Fengshui (basic Vastu about construction houses) offering zung to statues and stupas along with language, grammar, history, philosophy, moral education, computer trainings, multi-media designing and so on.


BTMC has also taken initiative to build up its meditation center called Tri-Yana Bodhi Meditation Center in Thanshing, Kakani, Nuwakot district just 24 kilometers away from Kathmandu metropolitan and it takes only 40 minutes from city.

Meditation center is attached to a small jungle on top of mountain and its altitude is around 2000 m above sea level.

Weather, drinking water, climate and environment is perfect for winter and summer both.


TBMC has plan for higher Buddhist studies and reserch center ( Monastic University) with the project name called Rigzin Dongag Shedrub Chhoekhor Ling. We have bought land and want to expand more land and soon we want to start construction from low budget


 I again heartily welcome all worldwide students and organization for any service at BTMC or our sister organizations.

If someone wants to join our above dharma projects to benefits all beings than we welcome them all by heart.


Wish you all the best for good health and achieving enlightenment.

- Khen Rinpoche Sonam Gyurme Tamang

   Founder president, BTMC, Dharma Television, RDCCK, TBMC

   Swayambhu, Kathmandu, Nepal



Dear all I found BASC as a Nepal's top ranging Buddhist astrological center for astro services. I am benefited with its various services among them 'Amulet'-Srungwa is that which I found very very useful for me.


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